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Week 1: SMMA Launch

  1. Welcome to Week One


Welcome to the FREE SMMA course where we'll help you start, run and grow your first social media marketing agency from $0 to $10k+ /month in 90 days or less. I'm stoked to have you here and super excited to see what you can do with this information!

I'm sharing everything in this course. I'm not holding anything back. The goal is to change millions of peoples of lives. Help people achieve freedom to live their life to the fullest. But I need your help! So please share this course with as many people as you can.

Most importantly, make sure that you watch the videos in full, don't skip around or fast forward, and take action. You must implement what you learn in this course to make a change in your life. Remember that.

For now, let's get to work, watch the first video, make sure to join the newsletter and I'll see you in the community and on the weekly Q&A calls.

Let's go!

Your action items:

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