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Week 4: Sales Authority

  1. Client Sub-Account Snapshot


This video is value packed like nothing else.

You will get a proven sub-account snapshot that you can use for your clients.

I've personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours to figure this out.

Not to mention the millions of dollars I've spend in ad spend for my clients.

And I'm giving it all away to you 100% for free in this video.

Use it. Customize it and go make some money with it!


Your action items:

  1. Import the snapshot — To your own account and start to adjust it so that it fits your clients. Focus on value. The more value you can provide is how you win.

  2. Save the snapshot — So that you can reuse it for future clients.


  1. Import the client sub-account snapshot into your HighLevel account:

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