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Week 4: Sales Authority

  1. Onboarding


Onboarding is a crucial part of your agency.

It creates the first impression of your service delivery.

You want to make sure that you appear organized and professional. On top of things.

In this video I'll teach you exactly how to do that.

How to create a streamlined onboarding process you can use over and over again.


Your action items:

  1. Customize — You can use this video as a template. But you’ll have to customize the onboarding process for your own niche & service.

  2. Learn as you go — You’ll not know exactly how to onboard your first client. You just have to do it and figure it out as you go.

  3. Take action — Embrace chaos. It will be scary in the beginning. That’s good. That’s life. Just dive into action.


  1. Download the onboarding email templates here:

  2. Review the onboarding survey template here:

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