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Week 4: Sales Authority

  1. Pitch Deck


In this video I'll show you why you need a pitch deck and how to create one.

I'll even show you a live sales call from my own agency where I used the pitch deck.

Using a pitch deck has changed everything in terms of sales inside my own agency.

It makes the entire process a lot more professional and easier for both parties to communicate the value.

I've prepared everything you need, a pitch deck template that you can easily adjust for your own offer.

It's packed with value. I hope you enjoy it.

Go put it to use & make some new sales!

Your action items:

  1. Prepare your pitch deck — Download the template. Adjust it to your business.

  2. Practice — Once completed, practice it for yourself. Talk out loud. Sales role play.

  3. Keep on going — Your doing great! You’ll be greatly rewarded for all your hard work!


  1. Download the Keynote pitch deck template here:

  2. Download the PowerPoint pitch deck template here:

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